Monk Fruit - Pure Extract Powder

  • $25.50

A perfect low calorie, all natural sweetener. A superior alternative to other sweeteners, The taste is sweet, without any bitterness.

✔ Source of Antioxidants

✔ Less than 2 calories per serve

✔ All Natural and Vegan friendly 

✔ Gluten free, Dairy free, keto friendly and more!

Use Monk Fruit Anyway You Want

Use Monk Fruit to sweeten the anything, from hot and cold drinks, smoothies, healthy frosting for your chocolate cake, protein oats, pancakes, even in your favourite savoury dishes! A little of Monk Fruit goes a long way…


  • 60g Pure Monk Fruit Extract Powder


100% Monk Fruit

Did You Know?

Other monk fruit sweeteners use chemicals and artificial ingredients like maltodextrin to create their sweetener. Because these ingredients are used during the production process and are not "technically" an added ingredient, they aren’t labelled on the ingredients list! As such, always ask!

We have made sure our monk fruit sweetener only uses water and hot air to create our extract powder, so you can have peace of mind that what you get is 100% natural, guaranteed.


Once opened, the package will last approximately 12 months+ if stored as directed. Store me in an air-tight container, in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. 

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